Voice Actors announced

ProjectNimbus voice actor – Unconfirmed yet.
รายชื่อผู้ให้เสียงเกม ProjectNimbus นะครับ – ยังไม่ยืนยัน 100% นะครับ



Mirai – Amber Lee Connors
Yuliana Alexandrov – Amanda Lee
AWAC Dragon’s Eye – Miguel Moran
Esmeralda Ingrid – Josy Goe
Beridze – Pete Renton
Jennifer Carera – Josy Goe
Morgan Akin – Ben Britton
President Sean Solloway – River Kanoff
Andei Dmitriv – Christopher Esclaante
AWAC Oka Irel – DJ Dixon
Obana Takeshi – Dusk Tsontaya
Misc char A – Owen Morris
Misc char B – Dusk Tsontaya
Misc char C – JamaalE
Misc char D – Timothy Kohler



Mirai – Nekogami Nene
Esmeralda – Runrunypon

Obana Takeshi – Dusk Tsontaya
Misc Char A. – Dusk Tsontaya

Andei Dmitriv – Rigg

Yuliana Alexandrov – Kang Karen (Natthakun Suksri)

Jennifer Carera – Seefah

Morgan Akin – Noppawan Chotchuang
AWAC Dragon’s Eye – Makouto BlackFox
AWAC Oka Irel – Pakawat
Beridze – Rigg

Misc Char A. – Makouto Blackfox
Misc Char B. – Dusk Tsontaya
Misc Char C. – Skydash (จำเป็น)
Misc Char D. – Pawee (จำเป็น)
President Sean Solloway – Makouto Blackfox


ProjectNimbus is now on Steam Greenlight!

Wow, this week is quite something to us. First we had the game’s debut teaser revealed several days ago. And now we’ve put the game on Steam Greenlight. We’ll update the game development progress on that channel too.


The Greenlight page is here. If you like the game, come up vote it. 😀 If the game has not yet reach your heart, just come give some visit. 🙂

Take care,
Pawee Pakamekanon, GameCrafterTeam

Debut Teaser is here

Well, we haven’t come update the game’s progress for a while. But this update is a big one.

We’ve made the game’s debut teaser:

How is it? Please let me know your opinion.
ProjectNimbus Prime Art
Here’s several ways to reach us:
Game Official Site: http://www.projectnimbusthegame.com
Skype: gamecrafterteam
Twitter: gamecrafterteam
Facebook (team page) : facebook.com/gamecrafterteam
Facebook (game page): facebook.com/projectnimbusthegame
IndieDB: ProjectNimbus on IndieDB

Well, if you like this video/this game, please share it to your friend. We really need your strength in making the world notice this game. 🙂

GCTX01 Mirai reoutfit , M1 Guardian

Haven’t update the dev blog for a quite sometime, here are some few updates.

We have reoutfit GCTX01 Mirai to make its look match its weapon arsenal.



The main large machine gun on right hand is replaced by arm-mounted Gatling gun in both arms.

PN_MiraiRE1– Since GCTX-01 Mirai has so many missiles. It wasn’t fit in the old small missile rack. What we need, is this. Say hello to missile massacre.

PN_MiraiRE4Since the old unguided large rocket doesn’t hit anything, we replace it with dual rail gun. This weapon is ideal for sniping. The muzzle velocity is very high, the damage is a total destruction. And the precision is very good. The draw back are, it’s a semi-automatic trigger weapon, ammo amount per magazine is low and reloading time is long.

But that’s what a sniping weapon is right?




Mirai signature weapon: wing funnels, is now stored in its wing. Giving angel like looked. The wing act as additional booster too. Mirai wings will be like this when the funnels are ready to be used. If not, it will look like in previous photo.


So, that’s quite an update. What do you think?




We’ve add another new BattleFrame into the game. The M1 Guardian. Yes, it’s the world first BattleFrame.

PN_M1Show3Here you can see it lined up with UCN rival machine. However, M1 is quite stronger than both Mi19 Strelki and S20 Shilka. It proved itself in WW3 and still in used by CFN in low conflict area in 2070s (in fact, it’s mostly used by non-USA force. Most of USA force got M3 or M5 by 2078.)


It’s quite capable machine. And yes, it’s expensive. Much expansive than Strelki. And even it’s stronger than other Gen1 BattleFrame. It has no match against Gen2 BF like Mi24 Krokodil or M3 Striker. Let’s say… 4 on 1 and still result in total annihilation.

One last thing to say… M1 is a playable machine. There’s even a story mission that you’ve to pilot a M1.

Will it be in Simulation versus mode? Well, all manned BattleFrame are in that mode. So yes, M1 too.

Trivia: I call it M1A2, the artist that model it call it M1C2. And the concept artist who design it call it M1#2. -_-

Wait, did I mention ‘concept art’ ? In case that anyone want to have a look at its concept design. Here it is. It’s design by TypeProton.