ProjectNimbus is now on Steam Greenlight!

Wow, this week is quite something to us. First we had the game’s debut teaser revealed several days ago. And now we’ve put the game on Steam Greenlight. We’ll update the game development progress on that channel too.


The Greenlight page is here. If you like the game, come up vote it. 😀 If the game has not yet reach your heart, just come give some visit. 🙂

Take care,
Pawee Pakamekanon, GameCrafterTeam


Debut Teaser is here

Well, we haven’t come update the game’s progress for a while. But this update is a big one.

We’ve made the game’s debut teaser:

How is it? Please let me know your opinion.
ProjectNimbus Prime Art
Here’s several ways to reach us:
Game Official Site:
Skype: gamecrafterteam
Twitter: gamecrafterteam
Facebook (team page) :
Facebook (game page):
IndieDB: ProjectNimbus on IndieDB

Well, if you like this video/this game, please share it to your friend. We really need your strength in making the world notice this game. 🙂