Project Nimbus Steam Early Access trailer

Project Nimbus will be live on Steam Early Access in 5 November.

I think I shall getting natural posting here frequently like the game’s FB fan page.


Havan’t Post here for very long time.

Hello ‘ w ‘ /

We’ve not post here for very long time. Since the beginning of this year the development progress is mostly posted on the game’s FB page.

There’re so much that has been done. To the point that it’s impossible to post everything that has been done since last time we post here. But we’ll keep this place update from now on.


Thank you very much.

First reveal of the mega-super-weapon, the Patriot


Here’s a few preview pic of the Patriot, last boss of the first Chapter of the story.

From released pic, what do you think about it? We haven’t tell much about it right? Stay tune!

One thing that you can be sure, it is REALLY BIG. Big might not enough, I mean colossal, gigantic, whatever that mean very large.

Well, it might be able to categorized as a Super-Robot even it appear in ProjectNimbus, a Real-Robot game.

And yes, you’ll have to fight it.PN_Patriot_Show2